It seems we want to get out there and embrace this time of year. Let’s take the time this year to enjoy the decorations and the festive atmosphere with a trip to the Dutch Mill Country Market. You don’t have to dread shopping with these tips.

Make a list

Before you head out, make a coffee, grab a pen and a piece of paper and a jot down who you would like to give a little something. Or if you use the Notes App in your phone to make your list. Some people shop only for family and friends but they are those who like to include co-workers, hairdressers and teachers. Write them all down. It’s a good idea to jot down gift ideas next to each person so save you time while you’re out. Perhaps the person you’re buying for has collects something or has a big event coming up this year, the ideas are endless and that’s what the list is for. Also, buying a couple of extra little gifts for the “just in case” people should go on your list. Unique gifts for those on your list can be found a Dutch Mill Country Market. The best gifts come from the heart so really think about what the recipient would appreciate and treasure.

Have a budget

It’s very easy to overspend while Christmas shopping. When you’ve completed your list, think about how much you would like to spend on each person and while you’re out, stick to it. It’s very easy to overspend but you can control your spending by sticking to your list with the dollar amount noted next to each person’s name. While you’re budgeting incidentals like cards, wrap and shipping need to be included. Some people don’t bring all their credit cards to save overspending. If you’re hosting the big meal have your guests each contribute to the menu to save you money.

Shop early

Try not to delay your Christmas shopping. You’ve made your list and determined your spending limit. If you get out there, you will avoid the stress of the crowds and finding the perfect gifts. If you go to the Dutch Mill Country Mill Market, you can enjoy your shopping experience with the perfect Christmas backdrop. A market type setting is perfect for all your Christmas shopping. You can purchase everything including clothing as a gift or for yourself, unique home decor to suit anyone’s tastes that everyone will appreciate for years to come.

Remember, there’s going shopping and there’s going shopping. You would like to find a perfect gift for a loved one or even for yourself but your tired of the same old big box stores that have just reopened. Even online isn’t fun anymore. You want out of the house safely and need to get that “different” gift. Take a quick drive from Hamilton to Waterdown! You won’t be disappointed at what you’ll discover!

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